"Think you’re all about me
                        but I’m all about you.

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maybe a surprise for Blaine's birthday?


this is way way long overdue, so sorry. and thanks for your support always in terms of me, my fic and my rp. *tackles* this falls under my daddies!seblaine verses. words: 1699

So it’s no surprise to anyone that Blaine’s been running himself a little thin.

Ever since he was a kid, he’s liked being involved in a lot of things at once. Different clubs that needed his attention or activities where he always put in a hundred and ten percent or hanging out with his friends, or boyfriend, depending on what point he was at in his life. As a father and art teacher, there’s never a dull moment. He’s always busy. And he likes that even though Sebastian always tells him he has to take it easy sometimes.

He’s head art instructor at school, he volunteers in many after school programs, he makes sure he’s home to help take care of Luci and of course make dinner when Sebastian ends up staying at work late. He plans out lessons and activities for his students to do, he makes time to spend with Luci and teaches her different painting techniques or baking or takes her to the park. He makes sure he’s there for his husband, any time he needs, and relaxing with him…tends to end up in some sort of…physical activity anyways.

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 #so this pretty much sums up this entire character #lost in his thoughts he’s a bit insecure and overthinks it #but then he turns around and gives 110% of himself and nails it

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Seblaine fics to come…

1) Operation Gay Shark and Dolphin (2 parts): Brittney decides to help Blaine get a date with the most popular boy at school Sebastian Smythe. But will her kind of help end up keeping Blaine single? McKinley!AU. Season 4!AU. Based off this gif set by Dowa and this gif set by Angela

2) The First Date (One shot): After months of waiting Sebastian is finally able to take Blaine out on their first official date. But the night of romance Sebastian planned is ruined when different members of New Directions keep interrupting them.

3) Zombie!AU: Working on several ideas for this one but I want to do a Zombie fic for Halloween this year. I usually do a vampire one so I wanted to do something different.

4) Several different drabbles prompts I’ve received from my lovely followers :)

As always my askbox is open (won’t make any promises) but I will try my best!

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I just wanted to keep Peeta alive.

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I never wanted any of this. Never wanted to be in the games. I just wanted to save my sister, and keep Peeta alive.

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Seblaine Week 2013: Day 3 - Living Together

'Yes, you are. Go ahead, B.'
'Ugh, fine. I told you not to go for a run while it was raining.'

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