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seblaine moments | west side story tickets

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Dealing with the inevitable.


Written for Seblaine Week: Day 4 - Free Day

Title; Dealing with the inevitable.
After being put in prison over a crime that he’d committed as a teen Blaine finds himself face to face with the man that brought him there in the first place. With no place to run the only thing he can do is face up to his past and come to terms with who he really is. [Orange is the new black AU]
Rating; R
Word Count; 7,105

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"Three weeks — that’s a long time…"

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Fanfic - The First Date - 1/1


Title: The First Date

Summary:  Blaine finally gathers the courage to invite Sebastian over for dinner, like a real date. Kid!seblaine au.

Pairing: Seblaine

Rating: PG

Word Count:

A/N: For the lovely Suzey who provided the prompt to fic right here. Hope you like it darling!

Blaine stood outside his school long after the final bell rung. Streams of kids ran past him on their way to catch the bus or meet their parents. A few had chosen to hold off going home to play on the swing set and slides at the school playground. Most were boarding the bus or walking down the streets as they headed home. If this was a normal day Blaine would be meeting up with his mother to walk home, but today he couldn’t leave until he talked to his best friend.

Letting out a deep breath Blaine spotted Sebastian stepping out of the school. The nervous butterflies in his stomach turned into fluttery warmth.

Ever since he transferred everyone wanted to be Sebastian’s friend. He was the tallest boy with his legs and arms shooting out over the past summer. Only second to Blaine in being the smartest kid in their grade. And was the best soccer player on the team. All the kids threw themselves at Sebastian’s feet to be his friend but none of them knew him the way Blaine did. No one knew that Sebastian was self conscious about his freckles. No one knew Sebastian loved to watch old Star Trek episodes or that he cried during the Lion King. No one Sebastian had five pairs of Superman pajamas and loved to cuddle with Blaine at their sleepovers.

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Afternoon reblog for those who missed it :)

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