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Seblaine Fic: Beach Exposure


Title: Beach Exposure
Author: an-alternate-world
Rating: M
Characters/Pairing: Blaine Anderson/Sebastian Smythe
Word Count: 1,494
Summary: Blaine is taken to the beach by Sebastian, but they don’t quite go to the sort of beach he expects…
Warnings/Spoilers: None? Though some more mature themes.
Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Glee, FOX, Ryan Murphy or anything else related to the FOX universe.

I received an anonymous prompt of Seblaine at the beach, with a jealous Sebastian, to be written in under 1500 words. I definitely pushed the limits of the word count in this one and couldn’t help but be amused as this took shape. I hope it’s okay, darling anon!

The sunglasses hide his wandering eyes and the frames are large enough to conceal the blush dusting his cheeks. He’d almost fallen over when they’d arrived and he’d certainly struggled with his urge to stammer out a protest and not simply flee with his hands over his face.

Of course Sebastian had just smirked through the entire ordeal.

"It’s a French thing," Sebastian had explained calmly, taking his hand and leading him further towards a clear part the beach, along heated sand that flattened underfoot and past bodies soaking up sun.

Read more at ||| AO3

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grant gustin’s beautiful chest/collarbone (⊙‿⊙✿)

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An anon asked me a looong time ago to write:  Sam/Tina on the beach + inspired by that AU post that crossed my dash a few hours ago? Rated G-ish, 637 words.

- - - - -

She swiveled around her stool and faced him dead on, eyes glinting. “Hey, cutie,” she purred.  

The girl seemed nice, well, sort of. The fake torches in the beachside bar burned golden, set off her skin, and her rumpled dress was bright and colorful. “You look a long way from home, sweetie. What’s your name?”

Her hand climbed up his thigh and her exotic perfume fell on him like a weight. It was his first night in Jamaica and he was just here for a drink, not for a hookup - although he did waver.  Her cheeks were round and soft, her lips red and bitten. She looked like Inara from Firefly.

Sam didn’t answer. He was working out as fast as he can how to get out of this situation without embarrassing herself - and him, and then couldn’t think of anything to say, froze, and sat, instead, cringing and uncertain.  He cocked an eye towards the bartender - no help there, he was talking to somebody at the opposite end of the bar.  Everyone else was ignoring them. “Look, miss - it’s kind, but I don’t think this is a good idea.”  He pushed her fingers away, as gently as he could, and leaned backward in his seat to put more space between them. 

"Loook," she burbled, "you’re hot - " she jabbed a finger into his abs painfully - "and I’m hot -" she pointed to her chin -  "so let’s do this, you know you wanna - " and then she lunged forward, dangerously wobbly, and pursed her lips for a kiss.

Sam made to stand up, but before his feet gained purchase on the floor, he felt his stool being pushed around. Pushed hard, with the force of a hurricane. He got dizzy, and then, when his eyes had uncrossed themselves, his glance landed on a second girl.  She was pretty, too. Pretty and furious

"I leave you for five minutes and you’re all up in this bitch?” she screamed, dark hair flying. The bar went still. “You fucking freaking stupid jerk asshole!”  A glass materialized on the bar. “And this just after I found out I’m carrying your love baby!”  She grabbed at the drink and splashed him abruptly, cold and hard, in the face, then hurled the glass against the wall.  She curled her lip and banged the bartop for another one. Someone snickered. “But I’ll deal with you later, mister, after I take out the trash.”  She flexed her fingers, made fists, and snarled viciously. Sam’s eyes grew wide.

"Whoa," the first girl said, blearily throwing up her hands, and tossed a glance back at Sam. "You’re cute, but you’re not worth that much trouble - ” snatched up her purse, and was gone, gliding through the crowd. Everyone else shrugged, went back to talking;  the bar eased back into its usual hum. 

"I could’ve handled that,"  he said. He felt the alcohol evaporating on his cheeks.

"I know," the furious - or not so furious - girl said.  She didn’t look angry at all. A perky smile bounced on her lips, and though he should by all rights be at least a little annoyed at this way-over-the-top interference, the girl’s grin was just too mischievious.  She wasn’t sorry. He kinda liked that.

The girl piled some napkins on his knee.  ”Here, for your face.”

"Thanks," he said, dabbing.  "What’s your name?"

"Tina," she said. She held out a friendly hand. "Sorry for the love baby crap.  I had to do it that way, for maximum drama.”

"I’m Sam," he answered, shaking it firmly. "And it’s okay, even though, I would never ever do that to a woman having my baby - to anyone."

"I know that too," Tina said. "Just tell me everything else I don’t know."

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make me choose: samevansz asked sam evans or blaine anderson?

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tina cohen chang » sex appeal
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Hey, just curious, are you gonna go over to [Mr. Shue’s] house and straddle him while he’s passed out, rub some ointment on his chest? That was a phase.

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can someone please write me some kid!seblaine where blaine’s finally got up the courage to ask sebastian over for dinner, like a date!!!!, and he says he’s going to cook for him - which of course means mrs anderson cooking while blaine stands on a chair and tells her exactly what she’s doing wrong because it has to be perfect and sebastian’s mom brings him over and she’s slicked down his hair and made him bring flowers and the two boys are all nervous and cute and adorable and their moms are sitting in the other room spying on them and giggling over how sweet they are

will pay in cuddles and affection xoxoxo

I’m going to work on this! Hopefully you’ll like what I come up with!

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