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Toy Soldiers (3/17) → Seblaine


Title: Toy Soldiers
Pairing: Seblaine
Rating: R/NC-17 for later chapters
Words: 1,900+
Summary: Blaine Anderson from District 12 was an unlikely volunteer. To save his best friend, Blaine’s putting his life on the line in the arena where no one is safe. In the beginning, it seemed like he knew who he could and couldn’t trust. Never did he think he would team up with District 1’s male tribute: Sebastian Smythe. There can only be one winner, but neither of them know what they’re going to lose.
A/N: Sorry for not updating this fic in so long guys! I still have a few days of my holiday break left, and hopefully I can work on some more chapters before I leave for my snowboarding trip <3 Thanks again for reading, everyone! Kind of a shorter chapter, so Ch. 4 will be up tomorrow~

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Sebastian and Blaine meet for the first time!!! You can feel the sexual tension ;) Great update!

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